Is Renting Clothes the New Shopping Trend?

Right now the only thing I rent is an apartment, but that may change soon. There's a new website called Le Tote, which is an online service where women pay a monthly fee to rent clothing and accessories. Basically, it's like Netflix for women's apparel.

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So how exactly does this thing work? For $49 a month you get a tote filled with three items of clothing and two accessories. When you're done wearing them, you ship 'em off in a prepaid box and in comes another package of new rented clothes. You can't choose what items come in your tote, but they do think about where you live; so no down coats for women in LA.

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Renting clothes online isn't entirely new; there's Rent The Runway and Bag Borrow Or Steal, which offer rental designer dresses and handbags for shoppers who have a special occasion to go to, but can't afford to fork over thousands of dollars on a new cocktail dress or purse. But Le Tote is different because the clothing you get is for everyday wear, like the type of stuff you'd find in Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie.

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Renting clothes is intriguing, especially since the "I have nothing to wear!" conundrum affects almost every girl I know. And everybody loves the excitement of getting a package in the mail, right? But, I'd be a little worried to wear rented clothing … at least at first. Le Tote doesn't mention the fee for damaged returned clothes, and what if I get a giant mustard stain on my newly rented dress?

What do you think? Would you rent your clothes online?

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