Retro swimsuit clips (video)

By Joanna Douglas, Shine staff

It's summertime, which means time to grab a swimsuit and head to the nearest beach, pool, or lake. But bathing suits and the ladies who wear them have evolved over the years (the bikini just turned 65), so we're paying tribute to some awesome retro swimwear we love... and some that swimsuit trends should perhaps remain in the past.

Swimsuits of 1952: heavenly bodies, wingdings, and the terrycloth triple threat!

1986 swimsuit fashion show

Old-school go-go dancers in swimsuits

1990s O'Neil swimsuit ad

Bathing beauties of the 1920s

Heather Locklear struts her stuff in a spa ad

"Beach Blanket Bingo"

Beach scene from "Charlie's Angels"

A mini-documentary on the swimsuit

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