Review: Softsoap's Strawberry Smoother Body Wash

When I received this months assignment as a SHINE Beauty Guru, a bottle of Softsoap Body Butter Strawberry Smoother, I decided to share it with Sweetums and my daughter. I thought a man's opinion would be a different take on beauty products. Okay, the truth is I took one whiff of that body wash and knew to the core of my being I would not be able to use it. It smells heavenly. The strawberry and jojoba are very subtle. I loved that fact that jojoba was faintly more evident than the strawberry. So why couldn't I use it? Because I have a strange body chemistry that will change the scent of a product and usually not for the better. I knew that by afternoon I would probably smell like a fruit salad gone bad.

Softsoap claims, "That with a unique and invigorating fragrance and skin-enhancing ingredients inspired by high-end beauty products, this new body wash delivers advanced beauty care at an affordable price."

My Daughter's response:
My daughter thought the texture of this smoother is amazing. She loved how the little tiny seeds buff away and effortlessly exfoliated her skin. She enjoyed the scent and the sensation she got working it into a lather. Her exact words, "It's like getting a brand new loofah." She remarked that after 5 days of daily use, she believed her arms and legs were smoother, softer and felt sleek. Would she buy the product with the cost of it being $3.50 to $4.50 a bottle. YES. (My disclaimer, my daughter is 23, unemployed and lives with me. What baby wants, momma gets.)

Sweetums response:
About the fragrance, "It didn't stink."
About the texture, "What?"
About the performance and his overall opinion, "It got me clean."
Would he buy another 15 oz bottle at the price of $3.50 to $4.50? Let's just say at this point when he started to whip at the calculator to compare the price per oz, I just left. Sweetums noticed.