Sandra Bullock and her Golden Globes 'do: will bangs EVER die?

Sandra BullockSandra BullockSandra Bullock is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses. She has oodles of talent, and still manages to seem both accessible and "real" as a person and breathtakingly gorgeous.

Until last night, I mean.

Sandy showed up at the Golden Globes last night in the most horrible new hairdo.

She bangs! She bangs!


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I don't mind sideswept bangs, but verrrrrry few women look good with straight-cut bangs. I thought this trend was going to last about five minutes when it hit a couple of years ago. But IT KEEPS COMING BACK.


And while Sandra was the latest victim last night, she wasn't the only one.

See who else ruined her look with bangs:

Olivia WildeY'all. I am so mad at Olivia Wilde right now, I don't even know what to do. She was wearing one of my absolute favorite dresses of the evening last night and she topped it all off with a hairdo that looked like she came straight out of gym class, ca. 1987.

Imagine how beautiful she would have looked if she'd worn an updo -- or even simply swept her hair off her face.


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The '70s are back with a vengeance in fashion this year and you could definitely see the evidence on the red carpet last night -- I believe these bangs looks were attempts to "modernize" their gowns with sleek '70s chic.

But I have only one thing to say about it.


What do you think of these bangs? Are you eager for this trend to die?

Written by Lindsay Ferrier for CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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