Sarah Palin Debuts New 'Do

The GOP Iowa caucuses caused plenty of talk. But when Sarah Palin appeared on Fox to give her take on the race, it was her new wavy 'do that caught viewers' eyes.

The former governor of Alaska gave her rundown of the candidates while debuting a look that had the signature Palin pouf (the Huffington Post, noting Palin's new 'do, suggested the pouf might have been from a Bumpit) -- but went a little more curly than the usual flat-ironed straight tresses that, say, Michele Bachmann normally wears.

Sarah Palin's hairstyle, if not her speaking style, has been a little flat. In South Korea to give a speech, her hair lacked body. She was really due for a new 'do.

Palin declined to endorse fellow social conservative Rick Santorum, but perhaps her hairdo is a clue. The tea party darling pronounced Mitt Romney, who won the vote by a hair, the "most electable," and perhaps her flowing locks mirrored Mitt's mane. She called for Bachmann, with her helmet head, to get out of the race "unless she wants to spend her own money." Now the primary season will really get hairy.


Sarah Palin's new 'do, left.