Say WHAT? Rihanna's Hair Costs $3K a Day!

Imagine what else you could be spending your money on.
-Kenneth Thapoung,


How much did your last haircut cost? According to the Daily Mail, Rihanna spends £14,000 a week on her hair. Now, we can KIND OF understand someone with that much bank blowing the equivalent to $22,100 on clothing (you can never have enough), but that much on just ... hair?

"Rihanna likes to pioneer new styles but it's costing her a fortune," one of her entourage told theDaily Mail. "She makes several public appearances a week, and the cost soon stacks up."

Reportedly the expense is so high because Barbados beauty's hair is styled by Ursula Stephen, who charges £2,000 a day. Since Rihanna dyed her hair bright red last November, she's combed, brushed, and sprayed 13 different styles.

Watch ITN's video as they take a look back at some of Rihanna's past hairdos (and don'ts). Oh, how we miss her natural color!

Want to see more of Rihanna's styles? Check out some masterpieces Ursula whipped up (while laughing all the way to the bank!):


1. When did Disney's Ariel get her land legs back? We love RiRi's mini-French rolls.


2. Rihanna's face always pops no matter how many layers of hair she's got.


3. This might be why she's been referred to as Side-Show Bob from The Simpsons.


4. So smooth and so sleek, we just want to touch it. But not spend $3,000 on it.


5. Everyone adores a curly girl. Just ask Annie.

So, are you flabbergasted? What would you do with an extra TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH?

Kenneth Thapoung is a regular contributor to BettyConfidential.