Scoop Up a Pair of Track Pants for Yourself, Then Look Incredibly Chic


Jason Jean Track pants: so hot right now. Thanks to luxe fabrics and tailored fits, these "sweats" are a cool alternative to trousers. So we turned to our Fashion Director, Evyan Metzner, for styling tips on how to pull off the comfy-chic look.

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* If you're picking up a pair of these comfy pants (which you really should), know what shoe you should pair 'em with. The good news? You don't have to wear heels -- flats work, too -- just as long as you're showing a little skin, like the models above.

* Look for interesting details or luxe fabrics, like these silk maroon ones from Rag&Bone, which elevates the elegance factor.

* Rocking a patterned pair? Make sure to keep the rest of your look simple -- and in the same color family. Neutral hues work, too.

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