Sexy Ursula Costume Stirs Controversy -- but Not the "Sexy" Part

Halloween is meant to be a celebration of all things scary, not all things sexy, right? But, even still, it seems like the sexy Halloween costume trend will never, ever die. Come October 31st you're bound to see a sexy bunny, a sexy firefighter, and now … a sexy Ursula the Sea Witch? Yup, the famous Disney villainess costume is now available, but the getup is making waves. Not for the fact that the costume (dubbed as "Sassy Ursula" and sold on is sexy, but rather because it's only available in US sizes 2 to 14.

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Ursula is, of course, known for her plus-sized figure, and so it didn't take long for the costume to come under fire on the Internet. Blogger Tavie made a statement on her website, saying, "It's outrageously exclusionary. It basically tells fat women that we're too fat to play a fat character; it also tells fat women that in order to be sexy, a character must be skinny."

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The model wearing the outfit is very thin, but if we're taking issue with the fact that the original Ursula wasn't thin, then we can't forget that the original Ursula wasn't really hot either. The Sea Witch is freaky and kinda gross, and that's why everyone loves to hate her. Her famous line, "It won't cost much -- just your voice!" still gives us chills. Ursula was many things, but sexy wasn't really one of them.

Even so, you should be able to dress up as your own interpretation of Ursula (sexy or otherwise) no matter what your waist size is. And seeing as this particular Disney villain is known for her voluptuousness, you would think Disney (who created the costume) would have thought ahead, avoided backlash, and provided an XL size for an XL character.

What do you think?
Was it wrong for Disney not to make an Ursula costume in an XL size?

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