Sexy, Valentine's Day Bras for Larger Busted Women

By GalTime's Bra Gal Jene Luciani

There are sexy bras for big-busted ladies!There are sexy bras for big-busted ladies!"I'm a larger busted woman and there aren't a lot of options out there for me as it is. Now, Valentine's Day is coming up and I really want to find some sexy bras! What do you suggest?" - Wendy, New York

Gone are the days where women of DD cup stature and up have nothing to wear! There are lines out there catering specifically to you and making the sexiest of styles available to all shapes and sizes. Here are some of my favorites:

This Panache Cleo bra ($53) comes in the popular push-up balconette style with flattering wide-set straps (normally reserved for smaller-busted gals) and goes up to a G cup!

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Panache Cleo BraPanache Cleo Bra

It doesn't get much sexier than this basic lacy number by Chantelle ($88), with a high bridge for support, wider straps for comfort and a flattering v-neckline that's perfect for plunging tops. It also comes in sizes up to H!


Frederick's of Hollywood is the purveyor of sexy and this full-figured corset bra ($36) is the perfect example. Just because your fuller busted doesn't mean you can't show off some sexy cleavage!

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Full-Figured Corset BraFull-Figured Corset Bra

Sexy doesn't always have to mean lacy. This Bali One Smooth U bra ($16.99) is designed to provide the ultimate lift and comes in fun animal prints, polka dots and more. At under $20, you can get one in every color!

Bali One Smooth U BraBali One Smooth U Bra

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