Shine Beauty Gurus review: Braun Satin Hair brush

The Braun Satin Hair brush, photo courtesy of BraunThe Braun Satin Hair brush, photo courtesy of BraunSilky smooth hair is something many women desire, but often requires time consuming blowouts, damaging flat irons, and lots of serums and shine sprays. A brand new product called the Braun Satin Hair brush with Active Ion Technology claims to add "instant shine and smoothness to the hair, with each and every brush stroke." The brush retails for $65 on steep price, but it's supposed to work miracles. So, does it do the trick? Let's see what our Shine Beauty Gurus thought!

Design and Ease of Use
The brush requires two included batteries, and many Gurus commented that the lock feature is great for traveling, and liked how the brush turns itself off so you don't waste batteries.

Jude said "You can hear it working as you brush your hair because it makes a subtle sound and the brush lights up so you know it's on. Normally, I would have to use a hot iron to finish smoothing my hair but with just a few brushes it looked amazingly better. The extra bonus is it took less the time then if I had used a hot iron along coupled with less damage to my hair."

Emma Mae liked that "the seamless bristles glide through my hair without snagging or pulling.

Apple said, "You know when you need a haircut; every time you brush through it, your brush snags and rips the hair. Not with this one! With its super smooth surface, the strands of your hair glide through effortlessly."

"The soft cushion pad and Seamless Bristle technology makes the brush gentle on your hair and scalp, preventing damage." said MJ. "The Braun brush glided through my hair effortlessly through my blown out hair and I really appreciated that."

Beauty Guru Jude shows off her hair before and after using the Braun brush.Beauty Guru Jude shows off her hair before and after using the Braun brush.Results

Megan was skeptical about the brush but was pleasantly surprised by her smooth, healthy-feeling, bouncy locks. "I let my hair down. I turned on the brush. I glided it through my thick, frizzy auburn mane. And...holy cow. Smooth & Shiny! Of course, it wasn't straight my any means, but for just a brush, it's amazing! It gets 1/2 the job done, so when I did flat-iron, it was no time at all!"

"After the first brushing, you can immediately tell a difference," said Michelle. "My hair was softer and smoother than it is when I use a product. I can also tell that it has helped the ends of my hair, which tend to break a lot. They feel stronger and healthier after using this brush for a month." She also liked how the brush helped her transition hairstyles. "After a day with curled hair, I brushed through the curls with the Satin brush to make a sleek wavy look for night. No frizzies either!"

Carol B said, "After my hair was dry I brushed my hair with the Satin Hair brush and it really made a significant difference by smoothing out the hair, reducing frizz and added much needed shine. The second test was to see if it would reduce flyways after using a flatiron and sure enough it worked."

BeautyJunke noticed some positive changes. "I used this brush for about three weeks and my hair actually does feel softer, which surprised me because it takes miracles for my dry hair."

MJ has been transitioning back to her natural hair texture, and found that the brush didn't work for her. "After using the brush a few times, I didn't notice any difference in shine or frizz control. I truly understand that hair textures are very different from one girl to the next so my conclusion is that this brush doesn't mesh well with mine when it comes to the Ion technology."

It didn't win over Amanda either. "My hair was definitely smooth and shiny after each use, but not more so than after any other hair brushing," she said. "And to top it off, my husband said he couldn't tell any difference. I hate when he says that!"

Christina had a tough time determining the results on her hair, so she enlisted an unusual volunteer. "I tried it on my poodle, Tess (who, by the way has very bad hair). I am sorry if I offended anyone who created this brush but I needed to see! She loved every minute of it....and do ya' wanna know what...her hair looked great. It was no longer in its frizzy, fly-away state. Her hair literally was smooth and shiny! I couldn't believe it! I will be using this brush on MY hair, because it must be working.


Shine Beauty Guru Apple (far right) and her three daughters are all fans of the Braun hairbrush.Shine Beauty Guru Apple (far right) and her three daughters are all fans of the Braun hairbrush."I immediately was hooked, said Apple. "My girls literally ripped it from my hands eager to use it. The Braun Satin Hairbrush makes your hair so smooth and shiny you will see instant results. I'm not lying! Braun Satin Hair brush is a must have. It is perfect for on the go touch ups and will look so cute in a Christmas stocking."

Megan said, "I love love love this brush! Did I say I loved it? Well, I do!"

"This brush is definitely a winner for me," said Michelle. "At a price of $65, it is more of an investment for sleek and shiny hair. It would make a great gift to give or add it to your Christmas list NOW!"

CarolB said, "I feel that it is quite expensive at $65! However, I am now convinced that a well made brush and this ion technology is a must for truly beautiful hair." BeautyJunke agreed that it's "a steep price for those of us on a budget, and I wouldn't say that it's a miracle beauty product. I am going to continue to use it in hopes that it will have a greater effect in the long run."

Emma Mae had her daughter and her daughter's friend try the brush too. "None of us experienced ALL of the benefits but we all found something we liked or loved about the brush. Would I buy the brush? No. Too expensive for a brush. Would my daughter? Yes, she saves the money of getting her hair trimmed every 3 weeks for split ends. She says it would pay for itself in 2.5 months and save her money."

Unexpected bonus
Jude's little ones like it too. "[My] girls, who never pick up a hair brush, have brushed their hair at night and in the morning each day and I love it! They think the hair brush is really neat and they enjoy brushing their hair now."

Megan admitted, "I've been going home and just...brushing my hair."

OK, enough reading. Want to see the brush in action? JRose-Style completed her assignment via video demonstration! Check it out below.

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