Shine Beauty Panel

My obsession for age defying skin care, make - up and awesome hair products started as a little girl, watching my mom apply gobs of face cream and make - up in preparation for her job in a casino. For her it was presentation in a glitzy world, but for me it became an early fight against aging skin and bad hair....but really it started a journey to look as hot as possible.
Over the years I have made some bad mistakes (pan cake make - up and facial scrubs that gave me broken blood vessels). I have endured disapproving looks when, on the rare occasion I admit to how much I have spent on a single product; yet I continue my fight and the quest to find items that will make me look as hot as possible.
Although there are many, the single line I love the most is Murad! Murad is there when all others fail; it has never let me down!
Murad has fantastic solutions for acne, aging skin and skin damaged by the sun. If you have sensitive skin, you should give Murad a try; it's the line I prefer to help me look as hot possible!