Shoe Company Sells $1,800 Sneakers Made from Genetically Engineered Stingrays -- Would You Buy?

Rayfish FootwearRayfish Footwear

In today's gag-inducing fashion news: Shoe company Rayfish Footwear is launching a new line of sneakers made from stingray skin. As if that's not enough to send PETA into a tizzy, these sneakers will be made from genetically engineered stingrays. Yup. We're talking about some mad scientist type stuff.

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Scientists will etch decorative patterns right onto the DNA of the fish, and you can choose from nine different skin combinations to make a custom pair of kicks just for you. Rayfish Footwear's tagline is, "Grow your own sneaker." But of course, stingray skin (and genetic modification) isn't cheap. Each pair of shoes will cost around $1,800.

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What do you think? Is this just the next level of consumer customization? Or is it totally freaky? Discuss below:

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