New Shoes Designed Specifically for Pregnant Women

New Life Shoes offers the first-ever maternity shoe!New Life Shoes offers the first-ever maternity shoe!Now that I am in the late part of my third trimester, getting dressed feels like running a marathon. I'm wearing a lot of leggings and boots lately to battle the cold weather and I have to be sitting in order to get them both on and off.

The worst part is, now that my feet and ankles are so swollen, I have to wait for my husband to get home from work in order to get my boots off. I've tried for over 15 minutes before to take them off, and with sweat starting to form on my face, it just doesn't happen. It's pretty pathetic, not to mention a sight for sore eyes.

My boots aren't the most comfortable shoes to wear during this last stage of pregnancy, especially since they are such a hassle to get on and off. In fact, I haven't found many shoes that are easy to get on and off and that help my swelling feet in this late stage of pregnancy. That is until now.

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There is finally a shoe company that caters to swollen pregnant feet. New Life Shoes offers the first-ever maternity shoe that adapts to the changes in your feet as your pregnancy progresses. The shoes, scheduled to debut in February, 2012, feature a fastening system and custom cushioning technology.

"It allows for expansion of the foot, both lengthwise and verticalwise, so 360 degree expansion, as well as five different layers of cushioning and support that are customizable," New Life Shoes president Mark Connors told KENS 5 News. "You can put in or take out various pieces of the shoe to accommodate changes in the foot."

The best part about these shoes is that they are designed to be put on with one hand, something that I would give anything for at this point. Unlike most athletic shoes, these don't have any shoe laces. That means you don't have to have someone assist you to tie them once you can no longer get to your feet (a current problem for me.)

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I've looked at some of the styles on the company's Facebook page, and they look just like any other pair of athletic shoes (without the laces,) which for some of us fashion minded expecting moms, is a huge plus.

Now if I could only get my hands on a pair to test out if I really could get them on with one hand!

What do you think of these pregnancy designed athletic shoes?

- By Lauren Jimeson

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