Shop Deals on "back to School" Saturday

In conjunction with Teen Vogue, Lockerz declares Saturday a shopping holiday offering $5, $10, $15 designer fashions for one day only.

The fall season is almost here and whether you are going back-to-school or not, Teen Vogue is giving you a reason to go back-to-school shopping. This Saturday they will have exclusive deals at Lockerz . Shop the Lockerz BTSS Boutique to save big on style essentials. When you sign up for Lockerz, you'll instantly earn 500 PTZ (points) that qualify you for prices of $5, $10, $15 or $20 on all Lockerz BTSS Boutique items.

To get in on all of these exclusive Teen Vogue deals, shop Saturday. Act fast since the sale ends at 9pm PST August 11.

Watch It's a Glam Thing Kathy Hodge and Teen Vogue Health & Beauty Editor Eva Chen talking "Back to School" style and deals here: