Should You Get Bangs?

A new set of bangs can make you look instantly hotter - as long as you consider your face shape. Not sure of your shape? Use Cosmo's Ultimate Hair Makeover Tool to find out.

IF YOUR FACE IS ROUND, TRY: Deep, side-swept bangs that create an arc, elongating your face. Get inspiration from one of these trendy celeb styles.

IF YOUR FACE IS HEART-SHAPED, TRY: Wispy, angled bangs parted off-center to balance out a sharp chin. You'll love these sexy styles.

IF YOUR FACE IS OVAL, TRY: Anything! Thick and piecey or short and choppy ones all complement your shape. Try on a new style before you step foot into a salon.

IF YOUR FACE IS SQUARE, TRY: Layered bangs swept off your forehead to frame and soften your features.

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