Are Your Skinny Jeans Not Skinny Enough? AE Has the Solution

By Connie Wang, Refinery29

You want to be the type of creative individual that's able to spin records that express yourself, skateboard around in an authentic way, text message your friends with a declaration of your individuality, and play the guitar by your parents' pool while you're just being yourself…. If only your "skinny" jeans didn't get in the way of your pursuit....

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If you like your pants real tight, check out American Eagle's new skinny skinny, which are so skintight, so body-hugging, so sprayed-on looking…oh, wait. The paint jeans come in two hues (indigo and bright light) and retail for $49.95 on Check out the video below for the big reveal.

In other news, when is the 1st of April again?

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