Snooki's flip-flop collection includes leopard and pickle print

Snooki flip-flops. Photo courtesy of Footwear News.Snooki flip-flops. Photo courtesy of Footwear News.With a new season of MTV's "Jersey Shore" currently being filmed in Italy, the cast members are desperate to cash in now, hoping their 15 minutes of fame will last a wee bit longer. Snooki Enterprises, the company run by reality TV star Nicole Polizzi, already has overstuffed Happy Feet slippers in its lineup, but soon there will be flip-flops as well.

Footwear News is reporting that Snooki flip-flops and wedge sandals will debut this winter-just in time for the holidays!-and retail for $15 to $50. They're not our cup of tea, but there's one thing we will give Polizzi credit for: this line is 100% Snooki. Think leopard print, sparkly sequins, and even a signature pickle print. A second collection is already lined up for Spring Break 2012.

In addition to her footwear, Snooki is also a best-selling author (seriously!), and plans to expand her wares into a full lifestyle brand (earlier this year she said she was working on sunglasses, denim, sportswear, lingerie, swimwear, handbags, personal care, beauty products, fragrances, bedding, and home goods down the line). We're amazed she never launch some type of self-tanner or Bumpit hair poof device, but perhaps that's still to come.

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