Soon-to-be bride confessions: Figuring out the 'something blue'

The thing that has been most interesting to me while planning this mini-wedding has been finding out the preconceived notions my boyfriend and I have about how something like this is supposed to go down. My soon-to-be husband has been surprisingly traditional about some elements. For example: As much as I'm dying to show him, he doesn't want to see my wedding dress for fear of the bad luck curse. Then last night he asked me: "So what are you doing about the old, new, borrowed, blue thing?" "Hmmm. I don't know. The shoes are new, I thought maybe I'd get some kind of glamorous blue clutch or maybe I'll carry a really pretty vintage blue hankie. And maybe I'll borrow a piece of jewelry from a friend." "What about the old? Will that be underwear?" "Um, NO." This whole thing is insane.

Speaking of weddings, would you ever buy your wedding dress from eBay?

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