Spotted At Fashion Week: Lace Nails

I was all jazzed up about lace nails when we saw them at Reem Acra last season, so how excited was I when they made a reappearance at Tracy Reese this week? The answer: very excited.

Maybe I've just ODed on Fashion Week beauty wackiness, but I find lace-overlay nails so chic. They're offbeat but still not too flashy. Now, obviously trimming pieces of lace to fit each individual nail is quite a tedious process--one none of us would likely undertake at home.

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That said, if someone offered me one elaborate pro manicure of my choosing right now, I'd request some custom black lace. Bonus: They're less potentially dangerous than those ferocious crushed-glass nails we talked about previously in our Fashion Week coverage.

Meanwhile, check out these lovely, earthy neutrals that Tracy Reese has designed for Sally Hansen.

What do you think about lace nails for real life (vs. runway)? Totally cute or kinda tacky?

Photo Credit: WWD

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