Spring Trend Swaps: "Love This? Then Try This"

Confused about which spring beauty trends you should be wearing? Then you're going to love this guide (although I'm guessing you'll probably love this one too).

Here's why: Instead of forcing you to scour multiple fashion and beauty blogs for your spring look, we took your favorite fall trends and found the perfect match for spring -- a trend swap, if you will.

All you have to do is skim the list below (or click here to see the entire guide), pick your faves and get, um, "trendifying."

1. If you loved red lipstick, try coral
Spring is a great time to try a slightly softer look, but don't worry, coral is not a wimpy color. This red/orange/pink shade will definitely add some pop to your look (see what I mean?) and it's THE lipstick shade for spring. One to try: CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Flame, $6.

2. If you loved grey clothes, try honeysuckle
I know, it's a big leap from grey to bright honeysuckle, but go with me for a moment. Grey was one of the trendiest colors for fall, and honeysuckle was named the color of 2011. Plus, as you can see here, both are totally flattering; so just think of honeysuckle as your new go-to shade for spring. If you're iffy on this color, try it in purse, shoe or lipstick form first to warm up to it.

3. If you loved the fishtail braid, try a braided updo
Tons of celebrities rocked fishtail braids, and if you did too then you'll want to upgrade to a braided updo for spring. It's still quirky and fun but with a touch more sophistication (this style had me swooning). There are a million ways you can play this -- multiple braids, a simple braid leading into a bun, a zig-zag French braid -- so have some fun and find your own signature look.

4. If you loved the cat eye, try cat eye sunglasses
No, you don't need to give up your winged-out liner, it's still cute in spring. But you can also pick up a pair of cat eye sunglasses for a fun change of pace (check out how similar they look here). They're a big trend for spring so you'll see them popping up in lots of stores. Just don't wear your cat eye glasses with cat eye makeup, that's too much cat.

5. If you loved faux fur, try bold prints
Not too surprising, but fur isn't a big trend for spring -- not that surprising. But if you still want an attention-getting trend, you can turn heads in bold prints. Go nuts and mix colors and prints for a total runway look (like what this model is wearing). The secret? Confidence. If you own your look then no one will question whether that pink/orange striped shirt and floral print skirt really go together.

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