St. Paddy's Day: Party Girl or Princess?

Will you put on an Irish party hat and head down to the pub with a bunch 'o mates, or will you wear four-leaf clovers in your hair and dance the traditional jig? Read on to see how your Sun sign influences how you'll while away St. Patrick's Day.

Aries sets off after a whopping Irish breakfast and spends a wild day at the St. Patrick's Day Parade -- making plenty of new friends along the way.

Taurus throws a last minute luck-of-the-Irish party. Thanks to a little help from numerous friends, there's plenty of soda bread and libations.

An unexpected kiss is bound to come Gemini's way today. And if they forgot to wear green, it's on purpose; they'd love a good pinch or two.

Cancer gets a lucky break -- and the afternoon off. If they're clever, they'll take a long nap before the festivities begin.

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Leo is always lucky, and today is no exception. They'll find themselves in the limelight and love every moment of it. Cheers to that!

Virgo plants an organic, pesticide-free clover garden, and then dries all the four-leafed ones to make bookmarks for their closest friends.

Libra hits every Irish establishment in town today, balancing out their time so that everyone gets their fair dose of them. Heck, it's not every day the snakes get driven out.

Scorpio knows just what to do: dress in emerald tones, sneak up on people, give them a big pinch (green or no green) and then top it off with a happy-go-lucky kiss.

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Sagittarius is hankering for a cake in the shape of a leprechaun -- and they're sure to eat all the yummy, green-tinted buttercream first.

Is that Capricorn dancing an Irish jig on the conference room table? Erin go bragh!

You can bet that all the green streamers and little paper leprechauns adorning the walls are the work of an Aquarius.

Always the dreamer, Pisces can easily manifest all the luck they want this St. Patrick's Day by putting their mystical mind to it!.

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