Starbucks + Rodarte = High Fashion Caffeine Fix?

Two of our very favorite things -- high fashion and caffeine -- have teamed up for the holidays. Designer label Rodarte is producing a limited-edition assortment of coffee products (including travel mugs, reusable cups, gift cards, and tote bags) that will hit Starbucks stores November 13th. All the items will be decorated with the Rodarte for Starbucks design: an artsy, pixilated print that kinda makes us dizzy to look at. But hey, it's art, right?

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Since we can't afford actual Rodarte clothing (a dress can run you about $10,000), we love the idea of sipping coffee out of a Rodarte cup. But, we're kind of surprised that a label so elite and expensive agreed to team up with mainstream Starbucks. It seems that while collaborating with massive corporations used to be considered "selling out," it doesn't really have that connotation anymore.

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Instead of selling your soul to "the man," now when designers join forces with big companies, it's looked at as "broadening their audience," or introducing their aesthetic to the masses. We're in an age where Isaac Mizrahi designs for Chevrolet, Cynthia Rowley creates patterned diapers for Pampers, and practically every high fashion label has produced a collection for either Target or H&M.

We're glad these high fashion designers aren't so quick to turn up their noses at more mainstream opportunities. Yes, they are profiting from it, but so are we. Now mere mortals (like us!) can encounter high fashion in some way every day. It increases awareness and gives designers an opportunity to become household names. After all, fashion is a form of art, and we need more beauty in this world.

The Rodarte collection will be available online at and at select Starbucks starting November 13th.

What do you think? Will you buy the limited-edition Rodarte items at Starbucks?

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