The Static Jacks: Jacks of All Musical Trade

The Static JacksThe Static Jacks are anything but...static. They have too humor to attack with! "Henry and Ian both puked at the same Arctic Monkeys concert but that had nothing to do with TSJ. Also we were at the same party as Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical the other day. She can assign me detention any day," says Nick Brennan, the drummer.

"Our sound can be described as suburban angst ridden rock. A lot of our material is pretty personal. Its usually having to do with the things we've experienced or have seen our friends go through. A lot of relatsionship stuff, as well as the pressures and fears of growing into yourself in your 20s. Ian and I kind of write about the same things which is lucky becayse we want the band to have one voice. "Blood Pressure" and "Walls" should sound like they we were written by the same person, but they aren't. It is pretty thereputic to get these things off our chest because we're expressing very personal feelings to a lot of people. Most times, screaming it at people," they say.

"We love David Bowie and his numerous career transformations. Some of us might say we love 70's Bowie but would prefer to sound like 80's Bowie, while some of us love 80s Bowie but would rather sound like 70's glam rocker Bowie. You have to be patient sometimes, things take time. But once it starts its like a rocket ship. There is also a lot of down time and sitting around and boys talking about awful things in the middle of no wheresville Illinois. I also think the industry is full of ass holes and people who are full of shit. Except everyone on our team of course."