Stop the Dreaded Bra "Overhang"

By The Bra Book's Jene Luciani for
I'm a larger busted woman and no matter how well the bra seems to fit, I can never get rid of that "overhang" on the sides, or keep my breasts from billowing out the top of the bra. What can I do? - Lynn, Hudson, New York.

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This is a very common question, Lynn. Many women experience 'overhang' as you call it, on their backs or around the sides of their bra. Really, the key here, in most scenarios, is getting a proper fitting bra - but it can also mean playing with different styles to see which ones eliminate the problem. In The Bra Book, I recommend a bra specifically made for this issue - Brallelujah by Spanx - it really does the trick! Also, given that you say you are a larger busted woman, you may want to look for a fuller coverage cup. As long as your breast is fully encased in the cup, this should eliminate any overhang on the sides.

Bra-llelujah! Non-Padded Bra ($62)

Do you ever deal with the dread side bulge? How do you deal?

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