Stop the Tanning Bed Addiction! Anyone Can Get a Safe Tan with these Tips

I just read about a 19-year-old girl who had to have 30 operations to remove cancerous moles. Why? Because she was hitting up the tanning bed for hours a day!

I know plenty of people who don't think they have to worry about cancer or wrinkles until they're older, but this story proves that's not true. And while I secretly hope for a study saying tanning is actually good for you (especially when I look down at my winter-white legs), I know that sun = skin damage, period.

But what's a pale girl or guy to do? Actually, plenty. There are tons of spray tan booths, self-tanners (like these) and amazing bronzers that make it super easy to get a safe glow. Applying them isn't totally fool-proof though, so check out these tips:

- Before you go near a self-tanner, exfoliate well (try one of these body scrubs), then moisturize dry areas (like your elbows, knees, ankles and feet) to keep them from absorbing too much tanner.

- After giving your moisturizer five to 10 minutes to soak in, apply tanner, blending with your hands as you go (be sure to wash your hands immediately after, especially guys, you don't want orange palms -- it's the tell-tale sign of fake tanning!).

- If you're tanning your whole bod, do your legs before your stomach, so you don't get lines on your belly from bending over.

- Wait five to 10 minutes after applying tanner before getting dressed to prevent streaking (and stained clothes).

- If using a spray tanner, step into your shower to spray it on to avoid spraying your walls, rugs, etc.