Style at the VMAs: The best, worst, and just really confusing

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Beyonce is beginning to seem like an elder statesmen at these things. That's OK. She looks fantastic and behaved like a pro.-
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:13 PM EDT
Oh, what a strange, noisy night at the MTV Video Music Awards. Madonna gave an odd, over-long, self-involved "tribute" to Michael Jackson where she essentially blamed the audience for his untimely demise. Kanye West drank booze on the red carpet and then jumped on stage to diss Taylor Swift (a terrible, jerky moment that was said to be spontaneous, but seemed deeply choreographed). British host Russell Brand wore dumb purple vests and made dumb jokes about his penis and wanting to sleep with American celebs (yawn). And then there were the clothes! Oh, the clothes! Was almost everyone wearing the same outfit, or was it just me? When will the ugly shoes trend die? Also: Two celebs wore the SAME dress! Scandal! Check out our roundup above, weigh in on the comments below.