Styling Tips for Every Type of African American Hair

Here's how to work with the hair you've got-whether you're relaxed or all-natural. Be sure to check out our free easy-to-use hair makeover tool!

Alicia Keys: Long and curly

To get perfect, tight curls sans major frizz, you need a cut that supports your curl pattern. Make sure to tell your stylist that you wear your hair naturally so she can give you the cut you need. Make sure to deep-condition overnight so you get that extra dose of moisture coarse curls need, and run a thick leave-in conditioner and serum through your hair. Click here for the best African American hair products.

Brooke Valentine: Extensions

Two options to get long, sleek hair like Brooke's are clip in extensions and a weave. The beauty of clip-in extensions is that because there is no glue required, they're less likely to cause damage to the hair and are easy to remove. If you want to a longer-lasting style, opt for a weave. Start with 18-inch body wave hair, cornrow and sew on the wefts of hair. Curl the ends for the perfect finish. Use a wide-tooth comb to style.

Big and natural
This comedienne is anything but shy and definitely knows how to pull off a bold 'do. If you want to replicate this style, go with a rod set and use wire lift to style your hair. Be sure to spritz for extra hold. View even more hairstyle ideas here.

Halle Berry: Short and piece-y

Short hair is gorgeous and although it looks easy to maintain-that isn't the whole truth. Deep condition hair three times a week with a super rich conditioner to flight frizz and breakage, and use a leave-in conditioner and a strong hold gel for the perfect mix of control and conditioning. Try not to play with your hair as it dries, the more you touch it the frizzier and less chic it will look. See more product recommendations

Ciara: Long and relaxed

Since relaxed hair may already be damaged, you definitely want to use a heat protectant like CHI Iron Guard or Motions Heat Seeker Protecting Spray. Be sure to use ceramic tools infused with tourmaline for the healthiest results. For a less hot approach, a hood dryer with magnetic rollers is an option, as is blow-drying your hair on low heat. Your most common hair questions-answered.

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