Summer Dress Tips

Summer is the perfect time to pull all the cute dresses out of the closet and utilize them. Women fill the streets in style, whether they're headed to work, lunch dates with the girls, church, or just running errands. Whatever the occasion might be, here are some tips on how to rock dreses for the summer.

Pair chiffon and ruffles with pale, neutral hues to create a very elegant, and soft femenine look. Here, Camille Belle dons a Dior dress of a seafoam color, pairing it with metallic mauve pumps. This dress can be shopped at Photo Source: Eric Ryan/Getty images

Striped jersey dresses are definitely a dominant trend this summer, as women all over the country rock this style in the form of a mini dress. The contrast between the stripes and the solid skirt bottom elongates the torso, while the length helps to create a longer leg look. This style is also good for creating the image of a waistline for those with a boyish figure. Sienna Miller pairs this Topshop dress with brown mary janes and a matching brown handbag color. This dress can be shopped at . Photo Source: Wenn

Lightweight fabrics are a must this season, due to the heat. Always think light in the summertime, light colors, light fabric,and even light hairstyles, as many women lighten their haircolors as well as switch long tresses for short cuts. Eva Mendes is shown here utilizing her lightweight fabrics and colors in a retro style 50's dress with a flowy look, topped off with a bustier top. She pairs her dress with white peep toe heels. Photo Source: Wenn

What is a summer without flowers? Floral prints are indeed a great way to celebrate summer weather, and present a very girly look. Floral prints tend to look very busy as far as prints go, so it is important to make sure the shoes that are worn with the outfit are of a solid color. Prints with prints will cause a clash, and matching prints are doing way too much! It's also important to find a good length with floral dresses. A busy print on a really short dress is not flattering, and can give off a cheap look. Kelly Ripa dons a studded floral short sleeved mini dress, with beige patent leather pumps.