Summer’s Eve "Hail to the V" commercial makes us cringe (video)

By Joanna Douglas, Shine staff

We've never been fans of Summer's Eve (douching is bad for you and the product name alone makes us want to hurl), but we'd never really noticed their advertising until now. Their new commercial, "Hail to the V," is playing nonstop, even at Harry Potter movie screenings, and it is setting out to glorify the vagina, "the most powerful thing on earth." And then failing.

The cinematic scenes explain that "women have been doing it throughout the ages" and that men fight to the death for them using overtly phallic and obvious (i.e. men epically battling it out with swords over a vagina or a Cleopatra with her arms powerfully stretched out in a giant "V"). This is then followed by a a little wink at the end with a women being told to "show [your vagina] a little love" with Summer's Eve. Ugh. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think.

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