Sweet Lord, why? Skin clinics recommend Botox for 18-year-old

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesThis is the kind of story that makes me sad. British writer Allison Smith Squire, who's just 18-years-old, set out to write an old-fashioned exposé of the pushy sales practices in England's most famous cosmetic and beauty clinics (basically akin to medical spas here).

Smith Squire, who has perfect, glowing skin, was urged to receive all sorts of heavy duty treatments, including chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and, at two thirds of the clinics she checked out, Botox.

"Botox is a brilliant prevention method," one aesthetician explained. The woman then revealed that her youngest patient was previously 24, but that Smith Squire should have some Botox now in the:
"'problem' frowning area between my eyes -right now, in fact, in the consultation room- 'if you are really bothered about it.'"

This is not entirely breaking news. For years, we've seen the age in which women are starting Botox and plastic surgery dip younger and younger-in fact, I remember a guest on Oprah recently admitting to getting injections in her late 20s.

But teenagers? For Christ's sake, that's a tragedy! Our late teens and early 20s are such an amazing time of being carefree and stupid, of having a body that's effortlessly perky and skin that's naturally dewy and unlined. It's the only time in my life where (even though I did) I never had to feel self-conscious about my looks. I was just young.

Imagine looking at pictures of yourself in college and seeing a frozen face. Imagine how much starting Botox in your teens would have impacted the face you have now. Think about the maintenance, the expense, and, quite honestly, the danger of injecting a toxic compound into your body for decades. It's all terrifying.

More terrifying still is, if this trend continues, imagining women of the future without wrinkles. It would be a world of wax figures, who are unable to express emotion or understand and appreciate the actual beauty of aging.