Tattoo discrimination: Joel Madden not allowed on flight

Isaac Brekken/Getty ImagesIsaac Brekken/Getty ImagesHave you or someone you know ever been discriminated against for having tattoos? Recently I tried to set up two of my friends and while they got a long really well, she was totally turned off by his tattoos. His ink was actually a deal breaker!

On Saturday night, Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden was about to hop on a British Airways flight from London to Lisbon when he was ordered to cover up tattoos or cancel his trip. "Was just told by a british air person I can't get on the plane till I cover my tatts," he twittered. "I really actually am in shock he won't let me on the plane till I put long sleeves on and other BA rep is disagreeing." Madden said he told the employee it was discrimination and that he would write a nasty letter. "The guy was literally disgusted by me."

In the end, Nicole Richie's man put on a long-sleeved shirt and boarded the plane. "yes i covered up to board the BA flight," Madden wrote. "I didn't want to miss it. And honestly i was embarrrassed all the people were staring and laughing! its not in the rules that i can tatts arent offensive. looking into it." His lady was equally annoyed and explained on her own twitter, "all of @joelmadden 's tattos are spiritual. Since when is expressing your love for God & family against what British Airways stands for?"

United Airlines is now requiring overweight passenger to pay for an additional seat, while Southwest Airlines banned a college student from flying because they claimed her skirt was too short.

Are airlines unfairly and randomly discriminating against passengers? Are they allowed to pick and choose who should can and can't fly, even though there are no written rules about it? What would you do if you were Joel and told you couldn't board a flight because of your tattoos? [E!]