The 3-year-old male supermodel: fashion's newest darling makes us sad

(Photo: The Coveteur)(Photo: The Coveteur)Meet Hudson Kroenig. He's the next big male supermodel. He's also three.
Hudson got his start at the spring 2011 Chanel show, walking hand in hand with his dad, runway model, Brad Kroenig. Clearly Brad's son inherited his looks as well as the biologically-appealing fortune of being a human baby. Sorry Brad, Hudson's got one over you.

That one-two punch has landed baby Kroenig a Fendi campaign, a spread in German Vogue, a closet full of baby Chanel clothes and a doll designed by uncle Karl. That's Lagerfeld to you. And that's the man who makes you spontaneously cry for no reason, to kids. (Look: Karl's who 'thing' isn't very kid-friendly)

In a totally-not-joking profile by the fashion site Coveteur, we were informed that Hudson is really into scarves this season.
Another thing he loves? Taking "pictures with Daddy. He definitely looks up to Daddy and thinks its cool to participate in special shoots. Hudson always talks about all the 'pretty model girls,' already a ladies man. Wonder who he takes after…"

Emergency brakes yanked!

What has been happening in the male modeling community when everyone was paying attention to "Toddlers and Tiaras"? Are menswear runway shows the new kid pageants? Are male models the new pageant moms? And why is this particular toddler dressed like a 70-year-old female socialite on vacation in Colorado? Please return the childhood to the tiny creature promptly.

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