The 6 Do's and Don'ts of Male Grooming Habits

As beauty editors, we can't help but have an impact on our immediate friends and family when it comes to hair tips, makeup how-tos and skincare advice.

One person in particular who we do struggle with is our male significant other, which got us thinking: where is the line between being nicely groomed as a male and going overboard? If the tables were turned, can you imagine waiting an hour for your guy to get ready? Men aren't supposed to be high maintenance-that's our job. Here are six DO's and DON'Ts of male grooming. More: Beauty Secrets From Real Women

1. DON'T: Manis/Pedis - André Leon Talley is the only man who should remain the pedicure prince-it works for the Vogue editor-at-large. But as for our main squeeze who isn't a head honcho at one of the most well-renowned fashion magazines? We'd rather not have our guy sitting with us at our next salon visit.

2. DO: Nail clipping - No more hangnails, guys, and keep them short! We just hope that he opts for the clipper and not his teeth when trimming down his man talons.

3. DON'T: Eyebrow waxing - Men are complete wimps when it comes to this kind of beauty regimen, so we don't know many who would opt to have facial hair ripped out of their face with a hot wax strip. (Of course, with the exception of Pauly D from MTV's The Jersey Shore).

4. DO: Eyebrow Tweezing (and nose/ear hair trimming) - Because no one wants to date the guy with the unibrow...or the long nose hair...or the curly ear hair.

5. DON'T: Self-tanning - We would have a hard time taking him seriously if we saw him sitting on the side of the tub, exfoliating and smoothing in a self-tanner. Bronze glowing skin should definitely be left to women.

6. DO: SPF - Women's magazines are great for pushing for their readers to wear a daily SPF 30, but men are hardly exposed to this information. Protect his skin with a masculine product like Every Man Jack, available for $8 at select drugstores.

Does your guy follow any of these regimens? Which grooming habit do you wish he followed more? Tell us in the comments below!

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Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.