The $700 Blow Dryer: Would You, Could You EVER?

By Petra Guglielmetti, Glamour magazine

I am a huge proponent of the investment blow dryer. A well-made ionic one (like my beloved Ultra Chi) makes such a big difference when it comes to styling and your hair's longer-term health/appearance. But the new $700 hairdryer hitting the market has even me saying what the what?!

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New to the market this month, the Sedu Icon Prive claims to be "the most technologically advanced dryer in the world"--which it certainly should be, for a price tag of $700. Those technological advancements include using 70 percent less electricity, being extremely lightweight (about a pound) with a cool-touch nozzle, and giving you dramatically reduced drying time, thanks to an air speed of 93 MPH--I'm not sure how that compares to the average dryer, but it sure sounds windy! The Prive also boasts 10,000 hours of motor life (or about 8 years of use), compared to 2,000 for the average dryer, and comes with a 6 year no-questions-asked warranty.

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Clearly, this handmade-in-France dryer is really targeted to professional hairstylists--when you're wielding a blow dryer for 8 hours a day, one that's feather-light and won't burn out for years and years holds serious appeal. But I wonder how many regular women are going to spring for this thing. You'd have to be pretty hardcore about your hair styling routine to spend the equivalent of a month's rent (well, outside NYC) on one gadget. Then again, like the PR person pitching the product says, if you're the type who spends $35 a week on a professional blowout times 52 weeks a year, this dryer would certainly end up being a much less pricey habit.

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What's your reaction to this ultra-fancy $700 blow dryer? Are you fantasizing about trying it out? Would you possibly buy this if you had the spare cash, or would you never, ever spend this much on a blow dryer, no matter what?

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Folica