The Best Affordable-Chic Rain Gear

While getting around in rainy weather can be a bit of a drag, the attractive boots, umbrellas, hats, jackets, and gloves featured below will make navigating even the most torrential downpour a little less dreary.

Water-Resistant Jackets
Water-soaked clothes are one of the worse things about getting caught in the rain, so be sure to outfit yourself in a water-resistant jacket on days when the forecast calls for drizzle. Target's Merona line offers water repellent jackets for both men and women for under $50!

Men's jacket ($35) and women's trench ($50) at Target

Stylish Umbrellas
An umbrella is an absolute must have in winter, but why opt for a boring style when you can bring a little color to an otherwise dreary day? We're smitten with the adorable cloud- and polka-dot-printed-versions from ModCloth ($40).

Cloud umbrella ($28) and polka-dot umbrella ($38) at ModCloth

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Cute Rain Shoes
Walking in the rain is a surefire way to ruin good leather shoes, so make sure you have a pair of rain boots or other water-resistant shoes to get your from point A to point B. Right now discount shoe retailer DSW has a good selection of all-weather shoes and boots priced under $50. And always has a killer selection of rubber Wellingtons.

Pink wedge boots ($50) and rubber slip-ons ($40), from DSW; polka-dot boots ($33) at Target

Chic Hats
When it's merely drizzling, carrying an umbrella can be more trouble than it's worth, but without an overhead cover you'll still end up with wet hair-a bad-hair day in the making! To avoid limp locks, pick up a jaunty rain hat, which will look supercute when paired with a jacket and scarf.

Men's rain hat ($20) at Kohl's, women's hat ($17) from Dillard's

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A good pair of gloves does more than keep hands warm and dry-they accentuate your outfit, too. We love the leather and tweed pair below ($20 at Target) for women. The men's gloves even feature fabric on the fingers that makes them touch-screen-compatible-meaning guys won't have to remove their gloves to use their iPhones. Genius!

Women's gloves ($20) at Target, men's gloves ($40) at Macy's

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