The Best Beauty Bets of 2009

Looking to pamper yourself in the new year? Make sure you're also getting a good bargain -- check out the best-tested items of 2009 from the Good Housekeeping Research Institute's Beauty Lab.

Our absolute favorite product of the year, the Remington Style Therapy Frizz Therapy Iron Model # S9951 ($50) has already changed the lives of those who've tried it. This 1-inch flat iron coats hair with conditioners as it straightens, living up to its claim that it tames frizz for up to 15 hours. Regardless of their hair type, women loved it, even if they had already invested in far more expensive irons. (Related: Get Your Dream Hair)

Forget about fancy creams and lotions, Curel Ultra Healing Intensive Moisture Lotion ($5.49) beat out ten other products that claim they'll keep skin moisturized for a full twenty-four hours. And with its mild scent, it won't clash with a signature fragrance. (Related: 9 Skin-Care Mistakes that Might be Ruining Your Skin)

A classic year after year, Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara ($5) was our staff's favorite even before testing confirmed it's tops among waterproof mascaras. With its light formula, it doesn't clump and nicely separates the lashes. Along with the Maybelline mascara, try Almay Moisturizing Makeup Remover Pads ($5.50). It will completely and quickly remove any trace of your makeup before you hit the pillow.

Two items that are perfect for keeping yourself looking your best through the year: Treat your tresses to Revlon ColorSilk ($3.69). Of 27 at-home hair color kits we tested, ColorSilk hair color received the highest score for blonde, brunette, and red shades, providing both great gray coverage and long-lasting shine. And at only $3.69, it proves once again that beauty can come cheap. (Related: How to Find the Perfect Hair Color)

Now that we've solved your color problem, let's help you with styling. Hair styling products can leave hair looking flat or greasy. But not Living Proof's No Frizz ($24) which has a novel chemistry developed by scientists at MIT. No Frizz comes in straight and curly versions and each is available in formulations for thin, medium, and thick hair. Women who tried it fell in love with its performance and its scent.

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