The Best Eye Makeup for Gals with Glasses

Jeff HarrisJeff HarrisQuestion: I wear glasses and I have hazel-colored eyes. I usually put on massive amounts of mascara and eyeliner to try and help them stand out, but within a couple of hours it smudges. What can I do?

The key to long-lasting eye makeup is layering. Start with a long-wearing pencil or gel liner (avoid waxy formulas, which won't last), then apply cream eyeshadow (use a brush--oils naturally found on your fingers break down makeup pigments, causing greasy smudges) and set the color with powder shadow on top. To keep mascara in place, apply a top coat of a super-waterproofing sealant, like Clarins Double Fix Mascara or Urban Decay Lingerie & Galoshes For Lashes.


Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.