The Best Shadows for Your Eye Color

By Pia Bhattacharya, SELF magazine

I love experimenting with eye shadows. Smokey purples, slate grays, bronzey browns - all among my favorites. When I find a color that works, I latch onto it and never let go. Ever wonder what your "go to" shade is? Let your eye color take the lead with these tips from celebrity make up artist, Ramy Gafni.

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If your eyes are....

Green: Warm colors compliment emerald eyes! Try bronze, copper and peachy shades. The contrast between your green eyes and warm, earthy hues is striking.

Blue: Grays and whites are super flattering. Don't be afraid of a little bit of shimmer, but DO avoid an 80s flashback in the way of blue shadow and blue liner.

Hazel to light brown: Ramy says you're in luck! This eye color has the most color options when it comes to eye makeup. Earth tones like browns and grays look great. If you like a pop of color, spring for plum and lavender.

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Medium/chocolatey brown: For your warm color, Ramy suggests grays, soft plum and mauve for eyes that melt.

Dark Brown/almost black: You've got a lot of options, too! With smokey charcoal, silver, gold and any metallic shades, you'll make an eye-catching entrance.

Want to play it safe? Ramy says all eye colors are flattered by a taupe or light gray.

What's your "it" shade?

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