The Craziest Trends You've Ever Seen

You know the looks we're talking about ... the ones that make you go "OMG, seriously?" For me, it's a toss up between these seriously bad makeup looks and metal grillz (you know, bling bling on your teeth). OMG. Seriously?!

While I take a moment to think good thoughts (take a deep breath, aaaand release), tell me yours. What's the one trend that you just can't stand? From what you've seen on the runway, on celebrities, and on regular, not-so-normal people you pass on the street, there's got to be something you wish you could erase from your memory.

Or maybe you're like these women and you're more daring than we could ever be. Then spill! What's the craziest thing you've ever done or worn?

And I just have to ask ... would you ever bring back this hair trend? Hmmm ... maybe a few of the do's but definitely not the dont's.

OK, enough with the horrible looks. Here's one that I actually think looks pretty cool. Likey?