The Foolproof Way To Fight Wrinkles This Spring (Plus An Excuse To Buy Something Cute!)

By Petra Guglielmetti, Glamour magazine

As long as we're busy worrying about our boobs looking old before their time, we might as well talk about wrinkles around the eyes, too. Forget high-tech anti-aging creams--here's one way more straightforward way to fend off crinkles this spring. In fact, you might already be using this trick without even knowing it.

Just slip on some oversized sunglasses. The effect is twofold: Giant UV-protective lenses filter the sun that hits your entire eye area, not just your actual eyes, so you're protecting your skin from its aging effects even as you shield your eyes from its glare. Meanwhile, sunglasses keep you from squinting, which over time can also encourage irksome little creases to form.

So ... yay! There's your perfectly legit reason to shop for some XXL new sunglasses before spring really heats up. Here are some cute pairs to get you in the mood.

Will you be wearing oversized sunglasses this spring? Do you buy extra-big ones to help prevent wrinkles better?

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Photo Credit: Bergdorf Goodman