Top Fragrances That Drive Guys Nuts

Of course guys love pretty, sexy scents, but every once in a while a fragrance comes along that makes them behave like lustful, wild animals. These rare perfumes are like gifts from the dating gods-and we're excited to let you know that we found a new one!

By Dawn Davis

Last night, a Cosmo editor went out on the town wearing a few spritzes of the very appropriately-named Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret. The reaction she received was uncanny: Men couldn't stop asking what she was wearing-they were basically drooling all over her. Fortunately, she had the bottle in her bag so she was able to pass it around for "research." Her friend Zach said, "I love the way it smells. It's subtle and really sexy." And he immediately wrote down the name so he could buy it for his girlfriend. Another guy, Kris, said, "It makes me want to eat something-that's a good thing." And a third friend, Ian, said that it smelled naughty in the best way. The fragrance remained a hot topic of conversation for the rest of the night, and the aforementioned Zach even went so far as to try to take it home. If you're looking for a new man-getter fragrance, this is a winner-just make sure you can handle the wild-animal reaction.

Are there any scents that drive your BF crazy?

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