The great Wet Seal t-shirt fail

This shirt is currently on sale on for $16.80This shirt is currently on sale on for $16.80Single people with bad grammar unite! Wet Seal is selling a new t-shirt the reads: "If Your Single, So Am I." Their website calls it a "fun and trendy tunic," because apparently not knowing the difference between your and you're is cool!

OK, everyone makes mistakes, and perhaps this one slipped past a sloppy editor and a bunch of merchandisers who didn't notice. It's possible, right? Except ,according to, Wet Seal was notified about the error and didn't care!

A user called "yourname146" says his girlfriend is a Wet Seal store manager, and when she noticed the misprinted tees she returned them to the warehouse. According to yourname146, store officials then admonished her for not putting the shirts out on the sales floor.

So either Wet Seal doesn't care about the grammatical error, or it is deliberate. We're not sure which is worse.

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