the hot design of the Christian Audigier jeans

We used to talk about the design of Christian Audigier .His amazing design usually make us crazy for .Which is called the Royal fashion style for us .The design of Christian Audigier usually have given us many hot fashion for that .And the fashion world of Christian Audigier usually amazing .And now Christian Audigier have released his design for the jeans .Christian Audigier jeans that is one amazing design for sure .As Christian Audigier before he found his brands .He was one great designer for the jeans .At that time he was called the father of the jeans .And so we should know that the Christian Audigier jeans would be sure hot .For the amazing world of Christian Audigier .He usually bring many hot design for us .Christian Audigier jeans is one of them .When the royal style meet with the wild style jeans .What kind of chemical style would be .That would be the style of the Christian Audigier .His design use the foil printing and the hot logo of Christian Audigier bring the new style of the jeans .Every jeans have one kind special logo or the hot printing .One of the jeans have left us the deep impression that is the Christian Audigier Geisha jeans .That should be one signature of Christian Audigier jeans design .the design of the Geisha jeans use the foil printing covered the black denim material .Create two geisha in front of the jeans .The design show the real royal fashion style for us .And that is the Christian Audigier jeans . Jeans as one widely wear clothing .Now add the design of Christian Audigier become another punk style hot look in the fashion zone