The Latest Salon-Only Nail Trends

Three professional services that'll make you want to book a mani appointment pronto.

Gone are the days of a basic paint job. To prevent their clients from going the DIY route, nail salons have stepped it up by adding some cool new specialty treatments to their menus. Here, three innovative salon services that you just can't replicate at home.

Gelife Manicure

There's nothing more frustrating than chipping a fresh manicure before you even get in your car. Dashing Diva has an amazing solution: Gelife Manicure, a thin gel coat that's applied jut like polish and heated under a UV light for ultra-shiny, chip-free results that last for weeks. Plus, the removable gel (it soaks off in pure acetone) comes in a slew of gorgeous new fall colors such as Picnic in the Park pink and Harlem Nights red. Visit for locations and pricing.


When it comes to nails, Minxing is the new black. These metallic appliqués have been seen on the hands of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Mariah Carey. Here's the deal: the Minx appliqués are matched up with each finger, then "melted" onto your nail's surface with a special light. Then a file is used to smooth and shorten the Minx until it fits perfectly. The process takes about as long as a regular manicure only there's no drying time(!) and you get a flashy, chip-proof effect that lasts about two weeks. Visit to find a Minx salon near you.

Nail Art

Even if you can give yourself a decent at-home manicure, chances are you haven't mastered nail art. From 3D flowers decked out with crystals to airbrush stencils for acrylic nails, salons across the country are offering tricked-out customized paint jobs. If all of that sounds a little too bling-y for your taste, but you still want a piece of the nail art action, ask for a French manicure that mixes matte and glossy finishes.

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