The Pajama Trend: Rocking the New Slouchy Trousers

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The Pajama Trend: Slouchy Trousers-
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 3:10 PM EDT
Remember when fashion was more about function than form? When you wore whatever made playing on the playground or swinging from the monkey bars easiest? Those days have returned, though they're looking far more fashionable than your old recess staples (not that there's anything wrong with a good corduroy jumper or floral patterned leggings every now and then). The latest trend in trousers is flirty, silky and oh-so-comfy.

It's All About Textiles

The concept of the slouchy trouser is centered around fabrics. These seemingly shapeless slacks are best in fabrics that flutter and flow as you move. The most popular options are satiny fabrics in a wow-ing color or pattern or more casual linens and cottons in patterns and colors that are more understated and boho. While the former are often seen with cinched waists and sashes, the latter more closely resemble vintage bell-bottom jeans.

Wear Them With '70s Staples

Whether you're going ultra glam or hippie chic, these breezy britches embrace '70s styling. If you choose the high-impact satiny slacks, try a button-down shirt or loose-fitting tank. The tank top makes the pants more weekend appropriate, while a button-down brings Saturday night fever to the office. If a more casual trouser is your go-to, choose a flowy peasant top, and don't shy away from sheer or lacy shirts; keep colors and patterns more blush-toned and earthy.

Pair 'Em With Fancy Footwear

No matter the occasion, there's a shoe that pairs perfectly with the slouchy trouser. A classic oxford emphasizes the menswear inspiration behind these more forgiving pants. On the other hand, a platform pump or high-heeled sandal says "va-va-voom." Little strappy numbers were spotted with these flowing pants on the Gucci and Louis Vuitton runways for spring 2011. Alternatively, try chunky wood and leather platform heels with lightweight linen or cotton to keep the natural vibe alive.

Get a Little Glitzy

Few decades have embraced gold like the '70s. For an ultra-glam look, choose gold accessories and jewelry. A metallic gold clutch or art deco-inspired jewels will look right at home. While vintage turquoise and silver or a leather cuff are appropriate, consider updating your outfit with more current accessories. Rose gold is especially on trend, and marries hippie style with modern sophistication -- metallic leather and sparkling jewelry work equally well in this color.

The Pajama Trend: Rocking the New Slouchy Trousers

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