The secret life of Jessica Biel

Mario Testino/VogueMario Testino/VogueJessica Biel's career trajectory was not unlike many young beautiful actresses of recent years. After years of playing a goody-goody on "7th Heaven," Biel posed nearly naked for the cover of Gear magazine, which ended her TV contract and completely embarrassed her. Roles in films like "The Rules of Attraction" and "I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry," Biel has cemented her role as a bombshell. Though she has yet to prove herself as a really strong actress, a high profile relationship with Justin Timberlake and being a red carpet stunner have cemented her a place in Hollywood. But after reading her interview with Vogue, we realized Jessica Biel is nothing like the abundantly lucky hottie she portrays in movies or appears to be from a distance. Here's why the actress is refreshingly unlike every A-list diva out there:

She's really normal
She drives a Subaru, likes spending time with her dogs, grows her own vegetables, shares property with her parents, and never loses her cool. "I might just be way too boring to ever be a really great actress."

Her true self is at odds with her sexy, feminine red carpet image
Mario Testino/VogueMario Testino/Vogue "I'm playing a character. As soon as I get off that thing I think, Oof, wipe that gloss off. I'm wiping and wiping and pulling my hair out and trying to change my outfit. I'm immediately trying to get comfortable. It's really a part I play."

She can't get a good role or a lucky break
"A lot of times people I work with have said, 'Oh, this movie is going to be the one,' and then nothing happens. With The Illusionist I felt it more than ever, that people really started to see me differently."

She's not threatened by gossip or other women
Despite reports that her on-again-off-again boyfriend Justin Timberlake was smitten with Rihanna, Biel mentions she loves her edgy, tough style. "I've been looking at Rihanna a lot, checking her out. She's got something going on that I am sort of craving a little bit."

She likes to keep her personal life private and safe

When the Madonna/Justin Timberlake song "4 Minutes" comes on in a restaurant, things get awkward. When probed about her relationship and break up rumors, Biel says "I don't feel the need to clear anything up. It's the most precious thing that I have in my life, and I care about it so much that I don't care about what anyone says or thinks. I have just not addressed it in any real way, and I'm not going to. It's mine. And I really like that about it."

Look for Biel alongside Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner and Patrick Dempsey in the upcoming film "Valentine's Day," and head over to for her full interview.