The worst-hair cities in the country

I've blamed bad hair days on everything from a lousy shampoo (like, ahem, this one) to a defective blow dryer, but some of you can just blame your bad hair on where you live.

We scouted around and found the 13 cities where you're most likely to have bad hair. Why these? A toxic cocktail of humidity, pollution, sunshine, hard water and lack of hair salons put these towns on the map -- but not in a good way. Is your home on the list? If so, might we recommend this bad-hair-day fix -- or perhaps a good real estate agent?

No. 5: Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix has the most extreme climate in all of America -- and hard water to boot! (Put moisture back into your hair with one of these hair masks.)

No. 4: Las Vegas, Nevada
While it may be a blast to have a wild weekend in the "City of Sin," it's certainly no fun for your hair to live in this desert climate. Don't worry about blowing your life savings on gambling; you'll be too busy praying for your sun-damaged hair. Take a cue form Nick Cage and LEAVE Las Vegas.

No. 3: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
It's not called the "Pitts" for nothin'. As the most polluted city in on this list, your hair will be calling Green Peace on a daily basis. Pollution has been known to cause premature balding, graying and dullness.

No. 2: Olympia, Washington
The rainy days and off-the-charts humidity will surely give your hair the blues in this capitol city. If you live here you are also most likely getting your hair cut by the neighbor's kid, seeing as though there are only 25 listed hairstylists in the city. (Get tips on trimming your own hair here.)

No. 1: Corpus Christi, Texas
Everything is bigger (and more humid) in Texas … coming in at no. 7 for most humid cities, "The Sparkling City by the Sea," also has hard water and only a handful of hair salons. If you call this city home make sure you check out these products to help you calm the frizz.

BUT WAIT -- the full list has 13 cities on it! Go check out eight more bad-hair cities here... if you dare.