Theory: Jennifer Lawrence's Pixie Cut is Making Her Go Bolder with Her Makeup Choices

by Beth Shapouri

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesSome girls just feel more confident the moment they chop off their hair. We saw it happen with Miley Cyrus and recently with Pamela Anderson. And I think we might be witnessing the same thing happening with Jennifer Lawrence.

She's been wearing a string of bold lipstick and darker, smokier eye looks in the last couple of weeks, including this gorgeous style she sported while promoting American Hustle over the weekend.

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Gorgeous. There's not one bad move here. The dark eyeshadow is hazy but not messy. The lipstick is not only the most beautiful color in the world, but the edge around her lipline is meticulously applied. Perfect.

But, I swear this is a pattern for her right now. Remember the dreamy dark lipstick she wore last month? It's like there's a direction correlation to her lack of hair length and exactly how sassy she feels. Perhaps it's a freedom thing, as in freedom from hair = freedom from feeling like holding back with your makeup.

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Let's discuss: Did you notice this going on with Jennifer before I pointed it out? Have any of you short-haired ladies ever experienced this phenomenon? And if you're on the fence about cutting your hair, is Jennifer's playfulness here tipping you over the edge? Talk it out in the comments.

P.S. I don't know what kind of face Bradley Cooper is making in the background there. Perhaps he's also feeling the sassifying effects of his short hair.

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