This Hollywood trend stinks: Julia Roberts and Matthew McConaughey skip deodorant

Charley Gallay/Getty ImagesCharley Gallay/Getty ImagesToday we came across two unrelated interviews with Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Matthew McConaughey where both actors admit that they don't use deodorant. McConaughey, who is often very active-and shirtless!-says that he doesn't use it because he doesn't "like to smell like someone or something else." He added, "If my smell starts to bother someone, I'll take a shower." But what if he's in the middle of a sweaty workout? Or during an action scene in one of his movies? We love those sexy pheromones as much as the next gal, but stinky B.O. is awful!

This past Earth Day, Julia Roberts hit up Oprah and appeared in a segment about green beauty alternatives. The expert was discussing how most drugstore brand deodorants contain aluminums, and offered up organic alternatives. Julia confessed she didn't wear either kind. "I don't actually use deodorant. I don't like to share that with a lot of people. It's just never been my thing."

Is this a coincidence or is this becoming a trend? With temperatures on the rise, would you consider skipping deodorant? And if so, how would you stay fresh?

For those who are religious with their deodorant use, do you find yourself offended by the odors of others? [Huff Po][Perez]