Three Demis

It was almost 100 degrees in NYC this week but did that slow down our girl? Please. Stars this hot have their own internal cooling system. Or a personal assistant that holds a portable fan just outside of camera range.


Who doesn't love a weekday look that involves feathers? I'm really into the combining of ultraluxe sweater/blazer with a simple T and jeans. The metallic shoes keep the party going but the bag says "hey, this is just a Wednesday for me."


I'm not sure about this dress. While I like the bodice, I'm confused about the strange length of the skirt and the beading hanging off the front. Maybe if the bottom half was tight, then it would be flapper-esque but this just seems shapeless. I do love the hair, earrings and heels though.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore attend the "Urban Zen Stephan Weiss Apple Awards" at Urban Zen in NYC,

Looks like the theme this week was feathers and it's a cute way to jazz up what could have been a very plain red carpet look. The tuxedo pants and colorful clutch zhush things up but I would have loved the heels in a color that popped.